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Full-time software engineer since 2016. UCLA Computer Science B.S. with Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences minor, class of ‘16.
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If you’re selling items on eBay, Depop, and/or Poshmark — and that can be anything from a first-edition Charizard Pokémon card to that old pair of True Religion jeans that you finally are getting rid of — then you’ll want to be very aware of the fees that come along with it.

Yes, it’s true — if you sell an item for $100, these online platforms take a chunk of it. It’s just the price of business and for them making your item(s) visible around the country and around the world in many cases. Usually when people jokingly mention, “you…

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Sometimes in my local development work, there’s a port that is unexpectedly in use that I need to work with.

A specific use case for this is when I’m developing against port 80, for instance, but when starting up my application, the logs indicate that the port is already in use.

However, when I check around to see if I have any other applications that are running on port 80, I can’t find any. So what gives?

Figuring out why the port is in use is a topic for another article. For now, I assume that the reason why you’re…

This is a spoiler. (theme: Alex Makas, GPL-2.0+)

If you are using Docker and have come across this article, it’s likely that you have been faced with a particular Docker image that has the suffix buster after the image name.

For example, I found the image names golang:1.16.6-buster and python:3.9.6-buster.

What is buster?

Is it Buster Baxter, the rabbit best friend and classmate of Arthur Read?

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The error

If you’re here, then there’s a strong possibility that you are experiencing the following error in Linux when you’re trying to run a shell script: Permission denied

What this means is that the shell script you’re trying to run does not have the correct permission, which in this case is the executable permission.

The fix

In order to grant permission for that, you can use the chmod command as well as the -x flag:

chmod +x

In this case, the file name is, but you’re going to want to replace that with whatever your file name is.

Now, try…

Strikethrough text comes in handy a lot more than you’d think.

I find that it’s nice for transparency purposes; sometimes, you’ve written something down in a Google Doc, and if it’s shared with other people, it’s most clear to cross it out instead of deleting it and pretending like that text was never there.

In other words, it’s a way of showing a sort of deprecation or simply that what was written before doesn’t apply now.

Honestly, there are a litany of reasons you’d want to strike through text, all of which I can’t go into incredible detail for this…

If you use Hyper, then one feature that you may be interested in turning on is the ability to copy text whenever you highlight it inside your terminal window.

This is something that I’ve just gotten used to over the years, so when I did a fresh install of Hyper and couldn’t, it was jarring. I would be highlighting text expecting it to be propagated to my clipboard and then pasting it only to find the last thing I copied to paste instead.

The additional action of pressing command + C to make sure I actually copied was slowing me…

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In a shell script, the use case may arise where a command requires user input in the form of a “Y”, “yes”, or even “confirm”. Really, this article will give you the ability to code into your shell script the means of emulating a user typing just about anything as input to confirm a step manually.

So if you’re here, likely you’re testing out a shell script that is getting stuck on a step that is expecting the user to type something in. …

That is awesome to hear, Madhu! Glad to hear it helped.

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If you’re wondering how to keep a list of values type as the value in a key, value pair in a HashMap data structure in Java, then you’re in the right place.

This article will go over one way to accomplish this.

Let’s say that you have the following code:

Basically, for each person listed in the 2-D array peopleToGrades, I want to store all of their associated grades. How can we do this?

Well, one way we can do this is to store that data in a HashMap data structure that maps a String (the person’s name) to…

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Recently, I declined a meeting in Microsoft Outlook because I could not make the time that it was scheduled.

However, my plans changed, and with that came the fact that I was able to make the meeting that I had declined.

However, the meeting had disappeared from my calendar view in Outlook once it had been declined. I was unable to click into it and then change my RSVP.

In this brief article, I will go over how you can find the invite that had been declined and how you can change the RSVP after the fact.

Finding the declined invite

To find the…

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